Last Camps for 2015 / by Stephen Cooper

Hard to believe but the year is coming to a close

As I review 2015 I feel a combination of happiness and sadness.  I've enjoyed seeing many clients stick to their plans and achieve some excellent goals.  Clients losing 20, 30, or more pounds this year.  Nothing brings me greater happiness when a client is happy when they reach their goals.

On the other hand, it saddens me to see those who quit.  I never tell clients that the road is easy. Simple yes...but it takes consistency, effort, and determination, to see results.

Unfortunately, some will want to skip steps, or reach for the magic shortcut...but those never appear...and the frustration remains or grows.

You have the opportunity today to decide if your health is worth the investment of time and money.  Or will other things get in your way.  I ask you to be honest with yourself.  Your body will reward you if you put in the effort.

Get rid of the excuses, and commit to improving your health.

Last Camps of 2015

Dec 1 Tuesday and Thursday Camps Begin ( 8 Classes for $125)

Dec 2 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Camps Begin ( 12 Classes for $165)

Contact me to secure your spot, or for any questions.