Jan 2016 Boot Camp Pasadena Details / by Stephen Cooper

Wow, hard to believe it's 2016.  

In preparing for the 2016 Boot Camp Season, I went over years and years worth of workouts. We're talking over 800 workout plans.

I feel it's important for me to improve and look for clues as to what brings my clients the results they are seeking.  So what did I discover?

Honestly, the fat loss that clients experience comes from diet. Those who buckle down, and get rid of the junk in their diet, see great fat loss. As I often tell clients, with all of the sitting nowadays we don't have the luxury to have crappy food in our diets.  It used to be years ago I could have clients still get results while consuming more junk, but our technology age is also the sedentary age...and snacks and processed foods are creating fat bodies.

Having said that, you do want to train though.  Clients definitely tell me how much better they feel, and how their moods have improved.  They note more strength and stamina which allows them to have more energy for their jobs and family.  Plus having a leaner more muscular body burns calories more efficiently.  

I see it in the faces of some of my clients...there is almost a peace that comes across their face.  Their look says, "OK, I know this is going to be hard, but I'm committed...and I can do this!".  And results come.  When I see this, I know this client is on her way to reaching her goals.

So how do you get to this point?

It takes the realization that losing weight and keeping it off, is going to take hard work and commitment.  It takes focus and dedication to a plan. This means avoiding the noise and endless searching on social media for the perfect diet and the perfect body.  It means not falling for faddish or outright dangerous "diets" that celebrities and fitness guru's are peddling you.

My hope for you in 2016 is that you achieve your fitness and fat loss goals.  Please focus on simplicity.  Put in the consistent work with your training.  Eat simple.  And, get enough rest and sleep.

I like this quote from Michael Pollan, the author of "In Defense of Food".  He says, "the quieter the food - the healthier".  Kinda makes sense doesn't it?  

If I can help, let me know,

P.S.  2016 Boot Camps begin Monday, Jan. 4 (only a few openings for the 5:45a-6:30a MWF class, but space in Tu/Thur, and evening 6p-6:45p)
P.S.S.  Current boot camps, please if you haven't already, confirm if you'll be in this Jan 2016 Camp. - Thanks