Daily Disciplines for Success / by Stephen Cooper

I was reminded of the quote "success leaves clues".

Having whatever we want is simple, but not always easy.  

Being lean, fit, and strong come down to pretty simple steps and habits.  

You know that you must get enough sleep.  Good sleep helps the body to heal, decreases body fat, and boosts your immunity.  Are you putting in the effort to maintain good sleep habits, or are you cheating yourself?  Be real.  Don't fool yourself.  Your health will pay.

Are you showing up to train?  And when training, are you giving your 100% effort?

You've got to show up.  Skipping a workout, or saying "it's just a workout", never ends well. Too many skipped workouts add up.  They add up to increased frustration, lack of progress, and little or poor results.

Eat well.

Focus on eating real food.

The fewer boxes, fast food, processed junk, and low-fat labeled nonsense, the better.  Ask yourself, "Did this come from a plant, or was it made in a plant?"

How bad do you want it?