Personalized help, sending me your food/sleep/exercise diary / by Stephen Cooper

I try to make your Boot Camp experience as personalized as possible.  When it comes to eating there are some basic tips such as eating a wide variety of proteins, lot's of vegetables, some fruit, and some nuts and seeds.  But I also offer a more personal approach where you can email me what you ate, how many hours you slept, and if you did any exercise outside of class.  

I look at these and make suggestions.  Unfortunately, some clients who need the most accountability don't commit to sending me their daily "check in".

I asked one of my long time clients Christie,(who has had excellent results) to share with you how she does it.  We are talking years...that she has been doing this consistently.

Here's what Christie has to say...

"So it's really hard to stay on top of food. I think it's even harder than finding time to exercise. With exercise, you get that immediate endorphin rush and the pay off is pretty immediate. With food, you don't feel anything until it's too late and you've eaten so much, you're bloated and miserable. 

Keeping a food log is honestly easier than it seems. If you can scroll your Facebook or Instagram feed, you can write in a food log.  Let's not lie to ourselves, we do most of this scrolling while sitting on the toilet in the mornings anyways. Which is exactly the time I compose my daily food and exercise email to Coop. 

I have been sending Coop daily food logs pretty much every day for several years. Unless he or I say we're going on vacation, we are in constant communication. In fact, I moved to Orange County and can't workout at camp but I still send emails. Accountability is key. I send photos and report my habits so that I can make tweaks the following day. It's amazing what a difference a small adjustment makes. It's just hard to see where to tweak on your own. Coop never punishes me for my over eating or slips in diet. He redirects and offers suggestions on how to undo a night of drinking way too much vodka. I never feel shame to admit I ate that donut in the teachers' lounge. Hell, I like life and I'm not going to deprive myself too much. I just need the self-awareness that is so important to getting and staying healthy. 

I also make sure I take photos of what I eat. I already Instagram most of my meals so why not attach them to the emails? I assure you that Coop will not judge you on filters used. 

Having the visual definitely helps and on days where I'm attaching over 4 food photos, I know I better watch my intake that day. 

I personally spend a lot of time on my phone playing cat games so it's no biggie to take 1 minute to write and send a food log. My cats survived, I'm sure yours will too." 


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