Special Price for Spring Boot Camps - NEW Camps Start March 1 / by Stephen Cooper

The first few months of 2017 have been rainier than usual, and I realize that many of you have missed classes because of the wetness....so I've created a special offer to get you back on track.

This month, the Monday/Wednesday/Friday camps have 14 classes which would normally cost $175...but I am dropping the cost of the March Camp to $159.  That's about $11 a class!  

* Note that spots are quite limited for new clients in the MWF AM Camp.

The Tuesday/Thursday Camp will have 9 classes in March, and the cost will be $125.

(For active clients, I will make sure you are training at the best preferred price possible.)

About the Camp

  • You'll participate in 12 or 9, forty-five-minute fat burning classes.
  • We may use TRX's, kettlebells, medicine balls, boxing equipment, and your own bodyweight
  • Exercises are adjusted to challenge you, yet not push you past a safe place.
  • You don't need to bring any equipment, only a towel, drinking water and an exercise mat.
  • Small classes so you get personal attention.
  • Personal attention and coaching.  Ask questions any time, via email or in class.


  • Access to daily Nutrition Coaching via Precision Nutrition.  (Valued at $179 per month)  I offer this to Boot Campers, but know there is a considerable commitment of time, and really working on yourself.  I will discuss this option with you when and if you are interested.
  • Off day workouts.  Once again, I offer this help to those who can commit to more work outside of Boot Camp.  The workouts are not necessary, but can accelerate your progress if you can make the time commitment.


  • I prefer that you stick to one Camp time slot...but I can create a personalized training schedule to fit in with your hectic schedule.  My goal is to get you the results you want.  

Contact me with any questions

  • Email:  stephen@bootcamppasadena.com
  • Phone:  (626) 609-7399