Quick Fix, or Lifelong Lessons? / by Stephen Cooper

I was watching an interview the other day (link here) where a well know university Ph.D. professor and scientist, Dominic D’Agostino was discussing his results with the Keto diet and it's affects on Alzheimer's and the reduction of seizures. Most of this interview was heavy on the science of the brain and dove deep into the micro...but...

The host asked him, "what is the ideal protocol for longevity?" And to my surprise, the scientist answered, "probably work on relationships, and your support network.  Decrease your stress, allow yourself more downtime...surround yourself with people who are supporting you...nutrition, exercise, getting outdoors."

It was a reminder to me to focus on the basics.  To put the work in.  It's not the latest diet, or new exercise that will bring lasting and important changes, it's focusing on the basics.

Don't be fooled by slick marketing and bikini-clad models on Instagram.  

If you're ready to put in the work, join me in November, for our next Boot Camp. 

No classes on Thanksgiving Day, nor the Friday after.

Nov 1 - Tuesday/Thursday Camps begin, and the cost is $125 for (8 classes)
Nov 2 - Monday/Wednesday/Friday Camps begin, and the cost is $165 (12 classes) 
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P.S.  Current clients, if I haven't heard from you already, please let me know if you'll be continuing in the November  Camp.