IKIGAI - Why I do what I do / by Stephen Cooper

Mountains above Altadena, CA

Mountains above Altadena, CA

Ikigai is a Japanese term that for me loosely translates to "what I do to make a difference in the lives of others, or what I value in living"

These days when I train and coach clients it's not about a quick fix, or superficial gains.  Training and dieting to unhealthy extremes to produce those type of results have no part in my plan.  I just read on social media yesterday of a male fitness model who spends 2 hours a day boxing, and another 2 hours working out.  (I'm assuming that he spends at least another hour posing for and posting pictures of himself on social media.)

In contrast, I'd rather share lifelong techniques and disciplines that will pay off over a lifetime.

If you are looking for a loud/Chucky Cheese like gym experience, then we won't be a good fit. 

If you are committed to digging deep and want to learn how to create more discipline and learn what it really takes to see long lasting results, then I encourage you to contact me.

Our next Boot Camp starts tomorrow.

MWF Camp is $165 for the month of March and

Tu/Thur Camp is $135

Contact me with any questions.