August Boot Camp Details / by Stephen Cooper

How is 2018 progressing for you?  

How would you rate your effort towards exercise, etc. 1 being no effort, and 10 being spot on with your training, eating, and recovery?

Getting results comes from consistent effort.  Not intentions, not good plans...but showing up day in and day out, and putting in your best effort.

Just like this morning, a certain boot camper, "CN", pushed and pushed until she was red in the face and dripping with sweat.  I completely admire this type of work.  (I know others put in the hard work, this is just the most recent example.)

So, having said that...where do you stand?

Do you need to refine your habits?
Are you choosing to do things that are bringing you closer to better health and fat loss?

Live each day deliberately.

I can help with online coaching via Skype, personal training, and Boot Camp classes.

Aug 1 Monday/Wednesday/Friday Camps Start, Cost is $175 (14 classes in Aug) Discount for current clients.

Aug 2 - Tuesday/Thursday Camps Start, Cost is $135 (9 classes in Aug) Discount for current clients.

Email me with questions.


P.S.  Current clients, if I haven't heard from you, let me know if you'll be continuing in the August Camp.  Also current clients, your discounted rate still applies. - Thanks