Core, Cardio, Upper Body Fat Burning Circuit / by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed: Large beach towel, rope for advanced clients

Warm up (60 sec)
Pogo jumps
Alternating lateral lunges
Fire hydrants
Forward hip circles
High knee skips

Push ups with feet on bench
Dips from wall
Squat (squat with partner if possible)
(Repeat these 2x)
30 sec jump rope/30 sec split leg crunch/30 sec table top crunch
(Repeat 3x without rest)
Seated shoulder press (with partner) providing resistance
Close grip diamond push up
Prone hyperextension (with partner holding feet)
(Repeat these 2x)
30 sec mountain climber/30 sec knee grabs/30 sec shoulder to knee bicycle crunch
(Repeat 3x without rest)
Army crawl (wheel barrow walk- advanced)
Leg toss (with partner)  
Tug off balance with towel (Rope tug of war- advanced)
Cool down and stretch as needed