Big Fat Burner Circuit by Stephen Cooper

Equipment Needed:  Bosu ball, boxing equipment, kettlebells, sled, ropes, Power Wheel, home made parallette bars, power bands, Gymboss timer, jump rope, slosh pipe, Body Slide, AbMat, and UFO.

1:00 Minute intervals

Warm up:

Jumping jacks

Alternating front lunges

Side to side skaters


Arm swings front and back


Unfortunately you'll need all of the above mentioned equipment to complete this workout.  If you've taken a class with me in Pasadena, you know that I arrange the equipment in a big circle.  We then do one full "round" of about 12 exercises.  We then take a break, modify some of the stations, and then do one more round.

Strength and Endurance Workout by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed:  Kettlebell, Gymboss timer

1:10 Intervals

Warm up

Standing torso twist

Tall reach side bends

Alternate step back, capoeira "jinga"

Squat, down to push up, push up, walk back in and stand



Squat hold

Hands off push up

Prone back extension hold, feet up and palms up

Knee pop ups


Squat thrust

Push ups


Lateral plank feet spread (hold for 5 seconds each side, and alternate)


KB lateral lunges alternating side to side

KB rotate to overhead shoulder press

KB bentover alternating rows

KB alternating upright high row

KB biceps curl


KB around the world

KB swing

KB high pull

KB one leg bentover row

KB split leg diagonal front shoulder press


Supine twisting KB chest press with crunch

Half Turkish Get Up with KB

Stretch and Cool Down

Kneeling hip flexor

Butterfly stretch

Straight leg, curl toes, push palms towards toes

Today's Protein Shake - Get up and Go

Class 4, Core and Medicine Ball by Stephen Cooper

Equipment needed:  Medicine Ball, Gymboss Timer

1:10 Intervals

Warm up 

Jog in place

High knee big steps out to left and right

Reverse walking lunges


Inch worms


1 leg jump hops

Figure 8 with medicine ball then shot put pass to partner

Alternating slams, pick up from left foot, bring over head, and slam by right foot

Plank with 1 or both feet on ball

Lay on back, bring legs straight up, hold, then "roll" ball from knees up towards shoe laces, repeat rolling up and down

Hold arms up with med ball, then bring straight legs and shins to tap ball, repeat up and down with legs


Walking lunges with straight arm twist with med ball

Standing on one foot, shot put pass to partner

Seated Russian twist, feet off the ground, and tapping ball on each side

Seated side toss with partner, like Russian twist, but tossing to partner

Seated facing partner, lock ankles, both go down, one touches ball, both crunch up, exchange ball, and repeat

Seated facing partner, lock ankles, Russian twist, tap on side, then up and exchange with partner


Deadlift with ball, one minute to right foot, one minute to left foot

Slams with med ball

Lay on back, ball between knees, then drop knees side to side

Cool down and stretching as necessary