I Have Lost 10 pounds and... / by Stephen Cooper

"I was first introduced to Stephen's training from a coworker.  Stephen came to our work and trained a group of us two times a week during the lunch hour.  I was amazed at how much Stephen could jam into a half hour workout at lunch.  I decided to hire Stephen to train me individually at home two days a week besides the work class. I have been working with Stephen four times a week for the last five weeks and I am AMAZED at my results.  I have lost 10 lbs and an inch and a half off of my waist.  All of this without doing any exercise outside of my training sessions.  I no longer need my high blood pressure medicine, my intermittent low back pain is gone, I am sleeping better than I have in years.  I highly recommend Stephen Cooper.   Don't let his gentle nature fool you.  His knowledge of efficient exercise techniques packs a lot of workout into a short time.  I wouldn't have believed the change a half hour four times a week would make in my body if I hadn't lived it. Thanks Stephen!"


Sandy Lynch
Court Reporter
La Canada, CA