I Have Lost 15-17 Pounds to Date / by Stephen Cooper

"It’s been great working out at your boot camp Stephen. I have been attending since March and finishing up my 2nd month there.

I am impressed with the variety of exercises you incorporate in your workouts which also makes it easy to not get bored. It does not become monotonous which I think is one of the major problems with workouts and workout videos etc.

Currently I have lost 15-17 lbs to date. Coop encourages the Paleo diet which also highly contributes to achieving your desired weight loss results. The addition of dietitian Amy Kubal and her information, I think will make a difference in reaching your goal faster. Being more informed we can make better eating decisions. I listened to the teleseminar and she answered questions that I am sure everyone asks but can never get a confirmed accurate answer.

Now with a dietitian, you can."

Hector Chavez

Pasadena, CA