"I felt great, had a ton of energy, and my legs held up great." / by Stephen Cooper

"Hi Stephen,

  Just got back from skiing for the weekend and wanted to let you know what a huge difference bootcamp made in my experience.  Normally, when I go (which is at best a couple of times a year) I can't make it very long on the hill without being completely worn out, legs about to fall off.  The day after skiing was even worse.  I'd be so sore in my legs, butt, and back, I could hardly walk. 

This trip was different.  I felt great, had a ton of energy, and my legs held up great.  We only left the mountain because my boyfriend had a big wipeout and was done for the day after that.  The next day, he was so sore and he's a really athletic guy.  I felt bad, but I wasn't sore at all. 

Just wanted to say thanks again.  Its these little things that make me realize that life can be so much more enjoyable and fulfilling when you put in the time and take care of yourself.  I'm still a pretty terrible skier but it was a blast to be able to keep up.



Amy C., Duarte, CA - via email