"I got so much out of it that I would not think of stopping." / by Stephen Cooper

Hi Stephen,
I continue to be grateful that I found a class so close to home.  But more than that, I would be continuing if your class wasn't such an encouraging and congenial atmosphere.  I am not into competition, but I am into trying to be stronger and more flexibility and having more stamina.
As I am aging I am aware of the limitations of a number of folks I see.  I am ever grateful that I found your website and started the class mid-August of 2011.  The irony is that I intended to come only for a month while my evening fitness class was on hiatus.  I got so much out of it that I would not think of stopping.
I can't say that I always want to get out of bed, but I afterwards I always feel so good.  Particularly as a person prone to stiffness, I am happy that I can reach for things.  I notice when I am involved in projects around the house that I have a lot of stamina and flexibility.  This is all thanks to you.
Margaret M. Pasadena, CA - via email