"Before I joined you in the mornings, I was stuck in a workout rut, feeling stressed about motherhood"... / by Stephen Cooper

Hey Coach!

I've been meaning to email you and just say thanks for the time I had working out in your program.  About a month out of your program, I realize now what a great transformation happened for me during that time, and I'm very grateful.

Before I joined you in the mornings, I was stuck in a workout rut, feeling stressed about motherhood and always working out in the last cracks of space in my life that I could orient around my family.  I also feel like I had little knowledge about workout equipment, routines, muscle groups, and overall body awareness. Joining your class gave me all of that.

For about a month I've bounced around a bunch of things on the fitness scene, and it's been awesome and fun - and also made me realize I could not have done this before taking your class.  Your class set me up to be more competitive, strong and aware of what I'm looking for in a workout routine.

I've done some Groupon's now, been trying out ClassPass and just joined a gym I've settled on that has great group fitness options (Breakthru Fitness, walking distance from my house).  I've come to a place where I work out every single day and have tried everything from Barre class to Spin, to HIIT classes.  All of it very awesome, and again, only something I feel I can do because I hit a baseline of strength and self-awareness in your class that has acted as a springboard in my fitness life.

I was thinking about your class, calm and focused, intentional and quiet.  

Anyway, been meaning to say thanks again =). I'm on a nice routine of cycling, running, kickboxing and some strength training.  I feel like I owe you big time!


Rachel C - Pasadena, CA