Testimony from our 3rd Place (Tie) Winner...

"Weight at the beginning of The Paleo Challenge was 228 lbs. Weight at the end of the challenge was 210 lbs.  Waist line in the beginning was 42in., and now is 38in.  Initially I was a bit skeptical about the challenge.  I had a hard time the first two weeks but started feeling better shortly after.  I noticed I had a lot more energy during the workouts and throughout the day.  Before the challenge my thinking was a bit foggy and after a couple of weeks I started to think a lot clearer.  I started to enjoy the diet more and more.  The better I ate the better I felt.  I also started sleeping better, which I think came from having a good diet.  The only problem was I started craving lots of sweets.  This is funny because I’ve never craved sweets before.  I would take care of these cravings by having fresh or dry fruit. I realized I don’t need bread, pasta, or tortillas (as a Mexican tortillas are part our every day diet).  I’ve decided that I am going to continue with this diet because it’s a necessary life change.   

Thank you for everything.   

I've been riding the bike to work and going uphill minus 18lbs. makes a huge difference!"


P.S.  We are planning our next Paleo Challenge which will begin on Jan. 3, 2011.  To get news of this Challenge, pleasesign up here.

I truly appreciate the calm approach. The class was great! by Stephen Cooper

"My first work out was great and YES I'm sore! . Its amazing how quickly I could feel the burn. I was a little worried that I wasn't going to make it but am so very happy I did. After having such a hectic day at work and sitting in traffic on my way to class,  I truly appreciate the calm approach.  The class was great! The 45 min flew by. 

Looking forward to Thursday's class."

Nancy, Altadena,CA - via email

I weighed 245 pounds & today weighed in @ 215! by Stephen Cooper

"Hi Stephen! I have great news!!! My BMI is on the chart now! 35! I know it isn't a great # & I still have a way to go but my goal was to @ least be on the chart. I'm in the red still but I meet my goal & am on the chart!!! Now my next goal is to get out of the red zone! When I started training with you my BMI was 45 & now is 35! I weighed 245pounds & today weighed in @ 215! Plus I've steadily lost an average of 5inches a month!!! Wish it was mainly my gut, but I know it will come with time! Thank you Stephen for being a great trainer & advisor!!!
See ya Friday,"

P.R. - Altadena, CA - via email

P.S.- "My son has lost 13 pounds & 1" & 1/2 off of his waist."

To be honest I never felt better in my whole life! by Stephen Cooper

"Profesor..is the 10th. day and to be honest I never felt better in my whole life!!! I thought is going to be very difficult but not really...my father always told me "TODO ES MENTAL" everything is in your mind...without going to Boot Camp Lucy is also following the same Paleo challenge and also she said she feels great!!! Thank you so much Profesor!!!"

Esmeralda, Altadena,CA - via email

You are making a profound difference. by Stephen Cooper

"You are making a profound difference in the lives of your clients - my days, months and years are better because of you. Thank you so much for helping me to live better! PE first period enables me to stay closer to my goals and keeps me focused on what is most important - living with better health and well being."

Bernice L., Long Beach, CA  - via email

The Wedding Dress Fit Great by Stephen Cooper

"In case you were curious... the wedding dress fit great (and was even a bit loose!)!!  I kept staring at myself in the mirror and couldn't believe the transformation.  I'm one pound away from being FORTY pounds lighter than when I started this journey with you... and I couldn't be more thrilled.  Thank you for doing what you do so well and for being a huge part of why I will feel great about the way I look on my wedding day!"

Hazel P. via email

Being able to zip up a dress, button up a shirt, and wear jeans I couldn't wear 8 months ago but can wear after a month and a half of working out with your bootcamp is so exciting. by Stephen Cooper

"I just spent the last hour and half putting away pants that are now too big for me and digging out my jeans that I couldn't fit into at the beginning of the year!  Now these aren't my "skinny" jeans that I've been hanging onto, but rather the pants I wore in between my healthy stage and my "just prior to joining bootcamp" stage.  Recently, I was getting somewhat discouraged with the scale's lack of movement, but after the 50th time pulling up my pants in the past few days I decided to see if my previous normal pants would fit better.  And they do! So, just wanted to say thank you! Being able to zip up a dress, button up a shirt, and wear jeans I couldn't wear 8 months ago but can wear after a month and a half of working out with your bootcamp is so exciting.  I've still got another set of aspirational clothes to get into, but this was a great pick me up and renews my resolve for the rest of camp!"

Thanks again
Deborah, Pasadena, CA - via email

Thank you for being exactly what I needed to change course. by Stephen Cooper

Hi Coop,

Thanks for a fun circuit this morning....

I can't thank you enough for your program and everything it's done for
me these past months.  It's helped me eat cleaner, be more active, get
stronger and leaner - and, I have no doubt, it's added years to my
life.  Thank you for being exactly what I needed to change course.  I
can honestly say I'm going to miss my morning workouts with you (never
in a billion years would I think I'd miss outdoor 5:45am workouts!!).

Thanks for keeping each class interesting and different - not to
mention all your helpful counsel and support along the way.  I
recommend your program to just about everyone I know (it's especially
easy when my weight loss is usually the first thing people comment on)
and I hope our paths cross again soon.

All the best to you,  

Hazel P - Pasadena, CA - via email

I Love Going to Your Sessions by Stephen Cooper

"We will definitely be back next session.  I love going to your sessions, I think you are a great trainer and I enjoy getting my butt kicked!  I know that Derek has gotten in better shape since starting and has lost weight, so he's happy." 

Heather J - Pasadena,CA  - via email

I'm Really Digging Your Program... by Stephen Cooper

"I have to be honest Stephen, the day I went to check out your program I didn't think it would do much compared to the indoor boot camp I did last year. BUT WAS I WRONG. I quickly felt the burn on my first day in the first few minutes. I was in so much pain by the end of the night and the following day...Yikes! It was pretty tough getting in and out of bed (high bed), getting in and out of the bath tub, climbing up/downstairs, and just walking in high heel shoes all day.  I feel much better today. I slept 9 hours yesterday!!! Such a great feeling to sleep all the way through too.

I'm really digging your program. Thanks again Stephen!"

MM- Los Angeles, CA - via email