A Little More Personal / by Stephen Cooper

For some of you, you have never met me before taking this boot camp, so I want to take a few minutes to let you know how I feel about "our relationship".

That's really what training with a coach or trainer comes down to...it's about a relationship.

Most of the time when I take on a trainee like yourself, he or she is coming to me to lose weight.  The nice thing about training is that if you put in the work, and eat relatively clean or healthy, the weight specifically the fat, will come off.  Just as you may have put it on by bad eating habits and no exercise, the good thing is that it will come off as soon as you reverse those habits.

But, there is much more to losing the fat.  Stress, lack of sleep, and so on.

What I want you to know is that we are in this together.  You are not merely another "body".  We will get to know each other and I am here to help you succeed.  You have access to my personal email, and my cel phone, so by all means if you have any questions please contact me. (If you don't have these just let me know.)