Choose One Habit To Make The Biggest Impact / by Stephen Cooper

My hope is that you have recovered and your muscle soreness has subsided.  I always say that the first week is the hardest.  Each workout and each week should be challenging, but hopefully you won't be as sore in the weeks to come.

When trying to lose fat and tone, there are a few areas in which I consistently "harp" on.

    * Diet/Nutrition
    * Training
    * Rest/Recovery

These are the basics area which must be mastered to achieve the fat loss you are looking for.

Sadly, on this list you won't see miracle potions or pills, wacky infomercial exercise gimmicks, or any other nonsense.

Fat loss and long term success is simple, but not easy.  I hope that makes sense.

If you stick to the basics of what I will discuss over the next four weeks or so you will learn how to take back control of your health and fitness.  Just as your body has responded to poor eating and not enough exercise, it will respond in a positive way with our boot camp sessions and healthy eating.

Here's my suggestion: (I "stole" this from a great little book, The Power of Less, by Leo Babauta.

1.  Choose one habit for the next 30 days which you know will make the biggest impact on improving your health or helping you lose fat.

It may be to stop eating white flour and sugar.
It may be being consistent about attending the boot camp classes.
It may be to stop or reduce your alcohol consumption.

2.  Write down your plan.  State your new habit and review it daily.

3.  Post your goal publicly.  A great place to post this is in our Facebook Group Page here.

4.  Report on your progress daily.  Once again I suggest the Facebook Group Page.  I set up that FB page so that we could support one another, encourage each other, inspire, and hold each other accountable.

5.  Lastly, after the 30 days, celebrate your new habit.

I really believe in the idea of "mastering" one habit at a time.  Just imagine how much progress you'll be able to make when you master your most important fitness related habit.

If you have any questions or might be stuck for ideas, let me know.