"What Else Can I Do to Speed Up The Fat Burning?" / by Stephen Cooper

I'm often asked this from boot campers, and you too might be wondering what else you can do to speed up the fat loss.

If you aren't in the habit of exercising my main hope for you is that you make it a habit to come to every boot camp session.  It may take some extraordinary effort to wake up early, or to bring forth the energy to after work to train.  But this is the first habit I want you to nail down.

So let's assume that you have created the habit of training consistently and you want to know what's next.

Two other major parts to your success are nutrition or what you eat, and training outside of our boot camp sessions.

Here's a clip from an email I just sent out about the subject.  This client had questions about diet and "supplemental" exercises.

You are going to be frustrated in trying to lose weight if you eat bagels.  I would try to go cold turkey on the bread.  It may take 2 weeks of cravings,but it should pass after that.

Try to "limit" your fruit to right after your workout.  If you don't workout, then be very careful with your fruit intake.  (This doesn't mean that I am against eating fruit.  We all know the benefits such as fiber, etc. but the reality for many is that if you eat too much fruit your chances of cutting the fat are slim.)

A supplemental workout that you could do which I just did a modified version is this:

100 jump ropes, then 50 crunches,  80 jump ropes, 40 crunches, 60 jump ropes, 30 crunches, and so on...

Go as fast as you can with as little rest as possible.

To optimize fat burning here's what I take.

1.  A multi vitamin (VGF 25+)

2.  Fish oil  (Essential Fatty Acid)

3.  Greens Plus Wild Berry Greens Drink

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#3 I get from www.iherb.com (best price I've found)