Day 24 of the Paleo Challenge, Next Boot Camp Sessions, Rain "Policy" / by Stephen Cooper

Next Boot Camp Sessions begin on Monday October 11.  (This is for the Monday, Wednesday, Friday classes.)

Tues and Thursday classes begin on Tuesday October 12.

We are looking to add a Tues and Thur night class.  Please contact me if you would like to take this class. We will open it if we have enough people, but I need to hear from you.

Rainy Days

I honestly don't have much of a rain policy.  It rains so few days out of the year and the chance that it would actually hit in one of the hours that you are at camp is pretty slim.

Morning Sessions- We can always meet in the main hall at the school if it is morning sessions are never cancelled because of rain.

Evening Sessions-  These can be a little bit more tricky because we don't usually have access to the hall.  We will meet under the overhang near the class rooms if it is raining hard.  If it is misting you can expect that we will be training in the "elements".  This is CA after all, and the weather is not that bad.

Posting updates about rain-  I will post all updates or news about rain right here on the blog.  Think of this as "message central".  Come here first, rather than Facebook, etc..

P.S.  I train myself rain or shine...just like today I am training at home at 11:20, and I'll be outside rain or excuses.  I don't expect you to train in the rain/mist while I make excuses.  I expect the same from myself just as I do of you.

P.S.S.  If you'd like to be in one of the next boot camps, and haven't already contacted me, please do so soon.