Congratulations to Liz This Morning / by Stephen Cooper

I know she probably won't want me to use her name, but she deserves the congratulations.

Liz sent me a text early this morning mentioning that because she has asthma, the cold weather causes a "burning sensation" in her lungs, and she wasn't sure if she was going to train.  (It was about 47 degrees.)

Well, she did.  She showed up and got in her workout for the day.  Some others slept in...Because it was cold?

I see myself as a fairly friendly guy, but when it comes to someone like you who is seeking coaching and training, I often feel that I should be a little harder.

You desire results.  Your body wants to be challenged, but you don't follow through.


You won't see results without work.

I know that I'm going to hear from people, with "you don't know what I have to..." and so on.   I realize that some people do have some very serious challenges, no doubt...but your body and your health don't care what your excuses are.

It deserves your attention, excuses or not.

Make it happen.