And the Winner of the Paleo Challenge Is??? / by Stephen Cooper

A quick round up of the Paleo Challenge.

18 people entered the contest.

12 finished and submitted pictures and an essay.

I will be posting the transformation stories, as the contestants allow.  Marie and I were truly inspired from the changes of the contestants and also how the Challenge affected the entire family, not just the competitor.

One of the main points that we came away with was that the Paleo Diet is a do able way of eating.  It is a lifestyle, not just a temporary diet.

I don't remember any of the contestants saying that they would revert back to their old ways of eating.

Just like I always say, being lean and healthy comes from consistent effort.  There are no shortcuts.

To all of you who competed and finished, I am sincerely proud of you.  Even if you didn't "win" one of the top 3 spots, you are a winner with me.  I totally respect your commitment and that you did what you set out to do.

So many "talk", but so few "do".  You did it, so a big congratulations to you.

Like I said above, in the upcoming days I hope to post the specific stories and transformations, but for now here are our winners...

3rd Place Tie goes to Sal and Patty (You'll each be receiving $100 off your next boot camp!)

2nd Place goes to Nicole (You'll receive your next boot camp Free.)

1st Place goes to Esmeralda (Esmeralda receives $450, plus her next boot camp Free)

As your coach/trainer/teacher it's difficult for me to describe how happy I am with your transformations.