Lost 18 Pounds, and 4 Inches Off His Waist / by Stephen Cooper

Testimony from our 3rd Place (Tie) Winner...

"Weight at the beginning of The Paleo Challenge was 228 lbs. Weight at the end of the challenge was 210 lbs.  Waist line in the beginning was 42in., and now is 38in.  Initially I was a bit skeptical about the challenge.  I had a hard time the first two weeks but started feeling better shortly after.  I noticed I had a lot more energy during the workouts and throughout the day.  Before the challenge my thinking was a bit foggy and after a couple of weeks I started to think a lot clearer.  I started to enjoy the diet more and more.  The better I ate the better I felt.  I also started sleeping better, which I think came from having a good diet.  The only problem was I started craving lots of sweets.  This is funny because I’ve never craved sweets before.  I would take care of these cravings by having fresh or dry fruit. I realized I don’t need bread, pasta, or tortillas (as a Mexican tortillas are part our every day diet).  I’ve decided that I am going to continue with this diet because it’s a necessary life change.   

Thank you for everything.   

I've been riding the bike to work and going uphill minus 18lbs. makes a huge difference!"


P.S.  We are planning our next Paleo Challenge which will begin on Jan. 3, 2011.  To get news of this Challenge, please sign up here.