Woman Loses 15 Pounds in the Boot Camp Pasadena Paleo Challenge / by Stephen Cooper

My weight at the beginning of the challenge was at 169 lbs, knowing I had gained 18 lbs within 5 months after stopping the lactation/nursing process of my infant son. The weight gain became one of the factors of my depression.  I was accruing anxiety and panic attacks with the medications for my depression.  Having physical and mental limitations with my body, affecting me, I was not able to continue the boot camp due to my carpel tunnel and tendonitis of the wrist and arms.  This challenge made it quite the experience to attempt weight loss.  I was on my own, since I was not able to have a mentor or trainer monitor my progress.   Measurements were not taken before the challenge as I felt it would discourage me.  I allowed the fitting of my clothes to guide me and instruct me if I was either gaining, losing  or remained the same.

In my attempt to begin this change of a new beginning through Paleo, it turned into a great and much bigger challenge for me.   My exercise was very limited, it consisted of plenty of power walking, jumping rope, jogging, and running. Attempting to track my disciplines in writing was not an easy process.  Keeping track became a memorization tactic.  I would not call this a diet because I was still eating real food just not the extras.  This challenge became a family affair.  My partner attends the boot-camp and also joined the Paleo challenge. This began to motivate me, not to turn back or give up, though I had my moments.  This included our three children; how we ate, and how active we remained, along with sharing the same intake of foods we had to encounter for the challenge. Meanwhile accumulating the energy needed to pull us through.  The urge to cheat was always a thought, for the sake of the kids and ours.  With the cheating came the circumstances: the extra push and training the following day, or simply eating in moderation.  Parking quite some distance to get to and from our vehicle when going somewhere. Our eating habits that we become too familiar with according to our upbringing seem so natural and worth the good eats. 

Allowing myself to sleep the recommended time gave me plenty of energy to exercise and have three actual meals.  Learning from the Paleo challenge showed me that real food is just simple. The first two weeks and the last two weeks became the hardest.  The food portions became smaller and my hips followed.  I began to use a belt to hold my pants up, when before my hips and thighs would have sufficed.  I did not have drastic results at the end let’s just say I do not have the extras hanging off my body.  Final weight is 154 lbs, 15 pounds lighter,.  I was able to walk up a steep hill last night with no trouble while trick’or treating with my 21 month old felt wonderful.  I am currently able to go a few weeks without my medications for pain and my depression as my life modification has kept me occupied.  I would not consider this a diet.  The Paleo Challenge provides one with energy from morning to night.  I am glad I did not give up at week 2 when all my determination was out the door.

P.S.  We are planning our next Paleo Challenge which will begin on Jan. 3, 2011.  To get news of this Challenge, please sign up here.