Some concerns about eating. I've been back and forth with different routines. From no carb to cookie and now I just want to eat better. / by Stephen Cooper


"I looked through the site and you have great advice.

Just some concerns about eating. I been back and forth with different routines. From no carb to cookie and now I just want to eat better. I read this book that talks about the way we eat and what we eat for a life change not temporary. So the last few weeks I been shopping for healthy food and no junk. What I am having difficulty with is balancing what I need to have for my daily intake. So I started drinking 200 calorie smoothie in the morning, a go lean bar for mid-afternoon snack, a salad with a chicken breast for lunch, peanut butter on Ezekiel bread around 4, and cottage cheese with drizzle of honey at night. I am aiming for about 1,500 calories a day for now since I want to drop weight. I drink plenty of water, I loveee it. My problem is that when I get stressed out it is hard for me to control my intake, I recognized that lately I have been using food for comfort and want to get out of that. Do you have any suggestions what to do? For example, I kept celery around for such scenarios, but sometimes I rather reach for the chocolate. So I am trying to come up with alternatives, even things like going for short walk, waiting 5 minutes, keeping busy. 

What do you think?  

Sorry for all the questioning, I just really need someone who knows better than I do. I read a lot but feel like most of it is just market advertising, and I don’t know how to decipher right from wrong; its like someone always has something to sell and the truth is covered. Hence, I want to find healthier way of living without all this experimentation with no results. 

Thank you,"

"A" - via email


My response:

I totally agree that whatever diet/plan we use it has to be reasonable...and that it can be done without a lot of thought.  I choose the Paleo plan just because it emphasises whole foods.  Chicken, beef, turkey, fish, lot's of vegetables, some fruit, and healthy fat.  No sugar, no white stuff like bread or pasta. 

What's in the smoothie?  I saw the 200 calories, but is it high in sugar?  Artificial flavors?  Try to eat your calories, not drink them. 

I know in the morning it is a challenge, but do your best to eat real food. 

I'd like to know what's in the bar too? 

The rest of your day looks good.

As far as stress and cravings, you may want to add some fat such as almond butter, can add that to your celery.  Dark (80-90%) chocolate is one of my favorites.  Not Paleo, but yummy. 

Increase the balanced meals of pro, veg, and fats and your cravings may subside some.  It seems that when clients "dabble" in carbs, the sugar cravings are always near.  I suggest that people stay away from simple carbs for 2 weeks...this usually is a good amount of time for the cravings to subside. Drink sparkling water sugar of course, this may help fill your stomach and stave off the cravings. 

Take it step by step, and do your best at each meal. 

I appreciate what you said in that I'm not a "sales" type person.  I really want people to see results, and will help however I can.  The basics work, 1. Exercise, 2. Smart Eating, 3. Proper sleep and recovery.  It's the discipline that is tough to "sell".   

Stick to it, the basics, and you will see results.  It may be a little be slower, but the results should last a lifetime. 

Keep the questions coming,