And another diet makeover / by Stephen Cooper

Thanks for the feedback!
Quick question on eating - do you have a particular opinion on calorie counting?
I prefer not counting calories.  It's a pain in the butt and makes each meal an ordeal.  If you had to lose a certain number of pounds by a certain date, then counting calories would be the way to go...but long term no. 
I've been sticking with a Paleo-ish diet (ie: no bread/grains), but not counting calories at all.  I'm starting to wonder if perhaps I should start doing so.  Particularly when it comes to good fats (nut consumption, primarily).  I find myself grabbing a handful of unsalted almonds or walnuts (anywhere from 10-30) when I need a little snack.  I try to do this only time a day, but know there are days I'll do this twice a day and am thinking perhaps I'm overdoing it from a calorie/fat perspective.  I haven't been dealing with many cravings - but find myself drawn to the nuts as my cheat/snack food.
You may be right.  Stick to 10 or so for a snack. 
Here's my typical day:
8:30am B'fast:  1 fried egg (in olive oil or nothing), steamed green beans or carrots, 16 oz water.
10:00 am Mid morning: 1 cup coffee, w/ a little nonfat or lowfat milk, no sugar.  
11:00am - Mid morning: Yesterday & today, I added a tangerine in - but usually nothing or about 10-15 almonds or walnuts.
2:00 pm Lunch:  Reduced Calorie Chinese Chicken Salad from Trader Joe's - it's 3 oz chicken breast meat, romaine, cabbage, scallions.  I throw out the crunchy noodles and use about 1/4th the dressing.  (I just read all the ingredients in the dressing and corn sweetener, soy sauce, soybean oil, molasses & sugar were in the mix - yuck!!) 16oz water
6:00pm After work/Pre-dinner: almonds/walnuts (20-ish) - this is when I'm prone to overdoing it on nuts!
7:30pm Dinner: 1/2 avocado (some days), 6-8oz grilled chicken (or pork/fish), sauteed chard/spinach/carrots/onions/garlic, 16oz water
10:00pm+ Post-dinner: sometimes more nuts, but not typical (since I should be asleep!)
Maybe too many nuts.  If need be, maybe switch to a protein shake.  If you feel hungry that late at night, and you may try to skip eating completely. 
I've been sticking with the same routine for b'fast and lunch because it's a no-brainer for me.  
As of tomorrow, I plan on swapping out the lunch salad dressing with a homemade dressing.  Is Grapeseed oil ok?
I'm not sure on the Grapeseed oil.  I'll investigate and get back to you. 
 Or should I stick with olive oil?  If so, I plan to use: oil, vinegar (either balsamic or white wine vinegar), mustard & maybe some lemon.  
Any thoughts on my fat (nut) consumption?  Am I overdoing it?  Should I be swapping out for some sort of protein instead?
Your diet looks pretty good overall.  If you have an iPhone, and easy way to track stuff is via Daily Burn food scanner.  There are many out there, but this one is the one I use. 
Thanks a bunch!
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