New 2 Day Per Week Boot Camp Session in the Pasadena Altadena Area Begins August 17 / by Stephen Cooper

A brand new option has arrived.

Boot camp classes twice a week.  That's only 90 minutes of your time for the whole week...but you can still get incredible results.  I promise!

If you've put off coming to boot camp because you didin't have the time, or because of the price, this is a great option for you.

Classes are designed by me and will be taught by Marie B.  You may not know Marie yet, but she has been with me as a client since I started running my boot camps.  I'll be posting her bio soon, but I have full confidence in her in being your coach. (You can see her before and after pictures on the main page of this site.)

I will be dropping in to these classes from time to time and will be responsible for and monitoring your progress.

Many of you have seen the incredible results that other boot campers have received so I won't go on blabbing about this.  

Our top boot camper has lost 64 pounds since Jan!  

Days and Times
Tues. and Thursday
AM Session is 5:45 - 6:30am
PM Session is 6:00 - 6:45

Location: Pasadena - Altadena area

Price: $125  (Camp is 8, forty-five minute sessions)

Start Date
I'd like to get this class started by this coming 
Tuesday, August 17.  We'll need a minimum of 8 people in each class, so jump on this soon.  Grab a friend and get into action.

Contact me directly, (626) 609-7399 or via email to confirm or ask any questions.

Take action today,

P.S.  Fun, exercise classes for kids will be coming soon!  (Not a boot camp per se, but think of it as exercise with games, balance, etc..)