Newsletter for August 9, 2010 / by Stephen Cooper

Lot's going on, but I'll do my best to keep it tight.

Busy busy weekend, but let's get started with some incredible
 new transformation pictures I've posted on the website. (

Have a look.  What you'll see are just three of our most recent transformations.  These are clients who have shown up, and made the commitment to changing their bodies.  These women have decided that enough was enough.  They put in the hard work and now they feel confident and strong in their lean bodies.

 You may be neglecting your body...and feeling sluggish and out of shape, but know that you can change today.  It may be one of my boot camps, or it can be anything that you'll do on a consistent basis...but do something.  Don't wait till some magical start date when the stars are in it today.

I was talking to one of my boot campers the other day and mentioned to her how much I look forward to Mondays.  I really can't wait to get to training.  I love my time off and vacations, but my groove is really spending time and seeing the results that my clients get.  I feel so lucky.

This past weekend I spent some time at a huge fitness conference here in L.A.  I've posted a couple of pictures here.

I really enjoy attending events like those as I get a chance to listen and learn from the pros...great stuff.

My kids have been in Brazil with their grandparents and relatives since late June.  My wife will be leaving tomorrow and come back with them in September.  For those of you who haven't seen a pic of my daughter in while, she's 17 now.  Hard to believe.

Boot Camp
Big news for the boot camp...Marie, one of the "transformations"  from our front page, just passed her personal trainer examination/certification this Saturday and will soon be joining me as my first trainer.  I don't take my profession or business lightly, and I can tell you that I am 100% confident in how well Marie will be in assisting you with your fat loss goals.

I will be adding some new days and times for our boot camp classes.  As it looks right now, I will be offering a Tue and Thursday class from 5:45-6:30am.  This class will be geared towards beginners, or those who need to get back on track before jumping in to a regular boot camp.

Contact me if this may be of interest to you.  (626)609-7399

Our regular M,W,F  morning session which begins August 16, has a waiting list.  If you haven't already told me if you want to be in this class, please confirm with me.

We still  have some spaces in the PM session. (6-6:45)

On-line Accountability Members Group
Lastly, I am putting the final touches on our on-line coaching group.  We'll be meeting virtually and you'll receive a PDF workout via email, or via your cell phone.  You'll also have access to our on-line group chat, videos, and telephone seminars.   This monthly workout will be the same that my boot campers are currently doing.  This is a great option for those who can't make our in-person sessions, or who want a less expensive alternative.
Contact me if you'd like more details.

Enjoy today,