Paleo Challenge Call Tonight, Day 4 of the Challenge / by Stephen Cooper

Quick remeinder about tonight's call at 6pm with Amy, our registered dietitian. This call is for active boot campers, and those in the Paleo Challenge. If you didn't receive the email with call in details, please email me.

How's it going for everyone?

I've received some emails about certain cravings coming up.  I will ask Amy about sugar cravings, and more tonight.

Questions so far for tonight's call:

Can we eat organic honey? 

Can we use Carob chips? 

Can we use coconut milk? 

Can we eat mung bean noodles or cellophane noodles? 

Is there any kind of flour we can use?

What about raw honey? I've heard differing opinions about including it in a Paleo diet.

I was also wondering about beets, sweet potatoes and trans-fat free margarine (would ghee be better?)