Day 9 of the Paleo Challenge / by Stephen Cooper

Ellen Sue's Paleo spaghetti with spaghetti squash with homemade "bolognese sauce".

Paleo FAQ's

Question:  What about ghee?  Even though its a butter product, as far as understand it isn't technically dairy because its all been skimmed out.... I haven't used it yet, but your thoughts?  And are certain meats, like bacon and sausage okay? 

Answer:  Ghee is technically 'illegal' as the preference would be to use coconut or olive oil instead.  If you are going to use ghee or butter look for products that are made with the milk of grass-fed animals in order to improve the Omega-3 content. from Amy Kubal, R.D.

A couple of you mentioned that you like the motivation videos on my site.  I've just added another here: