Day 10 of the Paleo Challenge / by Stephen Cooper

By day 10 many of you have experienced some lack of energy, and maybe a little crankiness.  According to Amy, this is normal as your body is "shifting".

As the days go on, much of your success and "stick to it" determination, becomes a mental game.  Your body wants to revert back to it's old style of eating, and it becomes a battle.

At these times make sure that you have healthy paleo snacks available.  This is key.

I was away from the computer most of the day yesterday, but my goal is to get the recording of our call with Amy, up on the site by later this afternoon.

Keep at it!

Paleo Spreadsheet:

Here is the link to a well done spreadsheet (courtesy of Evan), for tracking your sleep, exercise, etc..

Paleo Call With Amy can be accessed here:

I apologise for the beginning as we were cut off and had to re start.  I am having the call transcribed and will have that up as soon as possible.