Day 18 of the Paleo Challenge, and a FAQ / by Stephen Cooper

Sorry for the slow update, just had ATT come out and replace my router.  All systems go now.

I've been hearing some great feedback.  Cravings have subsided, and anywhere from 9 - 13 pounds lost since the beginning of the challenge.

I'd love for you to post your pounds lost here in the comment section.  It inspires others to see real results.

Question:  "Should I supplement my workouts on the days I'm not attending boot camp?"

My response:

Your question about adding exercise is a common one.
Most of us are time and sleep starved.  Trying to add more exercise is not the answer.
Focus on the basics.
Get to sleep on time.
Train hard during our 3 workouts per week.
Eat on target at least 80-90 percent of the time depending on your fat loss goals.
Master these...