Compete. Lady Boot Campers Kick A.. / by Stephen Cooper

So we've got a little friendly competition going on here at boot camp.

On Monday night we did a fun little exercise with the BOSU ball.  I actually had the pleasure to meet with David Weck, the creator of the BOSU ball late last year.  He is super passionate about training, and a great guy to talk to about training.

I won't divulge what the exact challenge is (you gotta train with us to experience it), but I can tell you that it will get your heart pumping and your legs pumped...and maybe burn some calories too.

The point of this challenge is to see where you are at, and to push yourself.  Our winner with the top number won herself a nice little Under Armour bag.  The good thing is that when we do this challenge, the "winner" will be the one who improves the most.  Keeping working hard.

I know that there are still a few of you who need to compete in this challenge, but so far our winner is Laura T. of the morning class.  She really kicked a.. .  The ladies were super tough!

Here she is with her prize.

Laura wins the BOSU ChallengeFor those of you who competed but didn't quite get still got a nice prize, right?  (That prize was 15% at my buddy Onil's restaurant, Elements in Pasadena.)  If you haven't eaten there yet, do yourself a favor and bring your loved ones for an incredible experience.  Today is their 1 year anniversary too!

Speaking of Onil...look who got caught on video doing the BOSU Challenge.