Great to See So Many of You Back at Boot Camp Pasadena / by Stephen Cooper

You don't know how happy it makes me to see so many of you back from vacation and back to boot camp.  That cold weather in Altadena didn't bother you and you made it through your first day.

The "testing" that we did yesterday was only to see where your current fitness level is.  My hope is that you don't worry about your numbers and try to compare yourself to others.  Compete with yourself, and give your 100% each workout, that's all I ask.

How was day 1 of the Paleo Fat Loss Challenge?

I'm posting this as an example of a simple Paleo meal.  Lean hamburger patty in a little olive oil, with some spinach.  Plain maybe, but easy to fix and provides great fuel for your fat loss path.

I have a lot more pictures of low carb and Paleo meals here on my Flickr page.

Report in the comment section below...How was your first day on the Paleo Fat Loss Challenge?  And how is it going today?