Take Your Before Pictures and Measurements for Our Challenge / by Stephen Cooper

For those of you who have entered or want to enter the Paleo Fat Loss Challenge, today is the last day to enter.

To qualify for the prizes, today is the last day to take your "before" pictures and measurements.

  • Pictures should be like this example here.  (If you are not sure that your picture is like the one in the mentioned example, please submit yours via email, and I will let you know if it is OK, or if you need to retake it.  This is critical for the Challenge.)
  • Your beginning weight should be taken.
  • Measurements for men - waist, possibly chest
  • Measurements for women - waist, and at least hips
  • (You may decide to take other measurements such as arms, calves, etc...but this is up to you) 

I'm getting quite a few questions, which I hope to post here throughout the day.  Many times you can put your question in to the "search" box here on the site and you'll find that we've already answered it.

Remember- Just focus on 3 things:

  1. Eat the Paleo way
  2. Train each day
  3. Get enough sleep 

If it helps you, you can list what you've eaten and your exercise in the comment section...better yet, if you are on Facebook, take a picture of your meal and "tag it" 'Boot Camp Pasadena".  This way we can "monitor" what you are eating, plus we all can share some good recipes.

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