Honesty, and Client Questions / by Stephen Cooper

I received a client's question on changing her diet.  Here is part of my response...

"Honestly I'm 46 and I've tried so many "diets", pills, potions, etc., to get lean and muscular. 

There are no shortcuts, none.  I would have discovered them by now.

What I do know that does work is eating the basics.  Lean proteins, fish, chicken, vegetables, some fruit, some nuts/seeds, and healthy fats/oils.  If you eat a combination of these at each meal you should feel full and "fueled" for your training. 

Sleep is a biggie!

So many of my female clients struggle with sleep issues.  Too much worrying and the brain doesn't shut off.  Make sleep a priority.  Get in the habit of shutting off the electronics and preparing for sleep.  Turn off the computers, cel phones, iPads, laptops, etc..  Take a warm bath and slow down...maybe drink some comforting tea too."

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