Four Simple Habits That Will Help You Lose Fat / by Stephen Cooper

Morning Fitness Conference in San DiegoMost of my boot camp clients come to me to lose fat and tone up.  If you want the inside scoop on fat loss, I encourage you to read on...

Last week I had the exclusive opportunity to be on a phone call with my mentor, Todd Durkin, and super nutrition guy, Dr. John Berardi.  I won't bore you with their credentials...but they are biggies when it comes to the fitness industry.

Four Habits for Fat Loss

Dr. Berardi spoke of four simple, yet I believe very helpful habits which will help you to lose fat and keep it off.

1.  Add fish oil and a multi-vitamin to your diet.  He spoke of filling any "nutrient deficiencies", and considered these an insurance policy on getting the basics covered.  I always suggest that eating whole foods is best, but like you and I both know, we don't often eat the wide variety of foods that we should.

2.  Slow down your eating.  I admit, I am terrible at this.  My wife really bugs me about how fast I eat.  One lesson that I learned in Buddhism which is very helpful is to bring your hands into the meditation position, (left hand resting in right hand with your thumbs touching lightly)...once you have your hands in place you take 3 slow breaths inhaling and exhaling.  You spend these breaths contemplating the effort and the people who made it possible for you to eat the food before you.  Next you visualize the health and benefits of the food for you and those sitting around you.  Simple, yet powerful I believe.

I might add to this the tip I received from Dr. Kara Mohr on making the dinning experience one without technology.  (This one I've got nailed phone, no texting, etc. at the table.)

3.  Eat to 80% Fullness  As you eat mindfully and slowly your brain has a chance to register that it is becoming full.  When you eat to 80% fullness you eat less calories...and behold, less weight gained.

4.  Eat Protein at Every Meal  I won't go in to the idea of "nutrient timing" here, but there is more and more research that the timing and combinations of protein, carbohydrates, and fats have a dramatic impact on fat loss. For now, just keep in mind to eat some protein with each meal.


If you follow these tips you will be well on your way to a leaner and more healthy body.  If you are follow the habits above and you'll see great results.

Do you know of or use any other habits that help you to lose fat?