Special Price Offer Ends Tonight / by Stephen Cooper

Thanks for the kind words of congratulations with regards to my two year boot camp anniversary. 

This special Anniversary price offer ends today. 

Many people have jumped at the chance of this discounted price. 


Here are the prices again. 

3 day per week, $165

2 day per week, $110


New Camp Begins March 28 - April 22

MWF 5:45 -6:30 AM

MWF 6:00-6:45PM



Tu Thur, same times as above


*For this special price, I will ask that you pay via cash, check, Square, or Dwolla.  (Those last two have very low cost CC fees for me.) 

Email me directly to confirm your space.  If your friend is emailing me, make sure that they mention this 2 year anniversary special. 






P.S.  Registration will close tonight.  Once the classes are filled, that's it.  


After that, my focus will be on those who are in the camp, so there may be some delays in responding to general emails.