New Goals and Membership Site / by Stephen Cooper

As we come in to a new camp, I am hard at work behind the scenes.

My goal for each client is that I give you my 100% in helping you achieve your goals.

This camp I will be introducing some new things, many relate to accountability and your goals.  If you tell me you want to lose belly fat and inches from your waist, then we are going to set up specific steps, tactics, and accountability check-ins to keep you on track.

My guess is this is going to be great for some, and a little shocking for others.

Boot Camp Pasadena is getting a little more personal.

When I was a one on one trainer there was more time to chat with each client...but now I've created what I believe is a pretty good system of keeping you the boot camper, on track.

The other big news is that I will be opening up a limited number of online memberships.  As a virtual client you'll be receiving a lot of coaching and a lot of the same information that my boot camp clients receive, but without the in person training sessions.  I'm looking at April 1 to start this.

Leave me a comment in the "Post a Comment" section above if you might be interested in the online membership.