A Couple of Points if You are New to Boot Camp / by Stephen Cooper

As new people join us I just wanted to remind you of a few things.

There are what I call the "Four foundations for fat loss success."  

They are: 

  1. Sleep and recovery
  2. Train smart
  3. Eat well
  4. Interact and support

You can read about these by clicking on this link.

You need to master these.

No need to look for other stuff to add until you get these down.  We simply don't have time to add more exercise, or more stuff.  Time is limited so take care of these basics.

The other point for today is about support and communication.

There is a lot of information here on the site about what to do during boot camp.  simply type in your question in to the search function, and most likely you'll find your answer.  But if you don't you can always email or call us.

I always say, the more we talk and you ask questions, the sooner you'll see results.  The fastest way to get a response from me is to email me.  stephen (at) boot camp pasadena.com.  

I don't always see messages on Twitter or Facebook, so email me directly.