Focus on The Basics for Fat Loss / by Stephen Cooper

Most of you who are in the boot camp are here for fat loss and toning.

Continuing with yesterday's theme of focusing on the basics, here are some more tips.

If you "blow it" in one area such as not getting enough sleep, make sure that you do your best in the other two areas, eating clean, and training hard.  If you falter in 2 or more areas, your chance of success is slim to none.

Have a look. (Video is about one minute long.)


Upcoming calendar:

Each Monday in May - My client, Onil Chibas of Elements Kitchen here in Pasadena, is donating 15% of proceeds when you eat at his restaurant to another great client of mine, Young and Healthy.  Pretty simple. Eat on Mondays, get some incredible food, and everyone benefits.

May 30 New camp begins