New Client Questions and Answers / by Stephen Cooper

This is my response to answer questions from a new boot camper client. 

By all means, ask questions.  The more questions, the faster you will see progress. 

Do we do cardio?  The moves that we do are a combination of cardio and strength.  Today's workout started with "mobility", then what I call a "dynamic warmup", then some "power and plyometric" moves. 

Secret to getting lean- Most often we use big movements/big muscles to burn the most fat. Chest, back, legs (big muscles) arms shoulders (little).  We hit the big muscles, core, and the little muscles are involved too. 

I encourage you to take a before pic, and your before measurements.  (These are for you to keep.)  What I see time and again is clients don't do this in the beginning and then they achieve improvements, but they don't have something to compare it seems like they haven't improved that much. 

Get that foam roller too. 

You may want to set up a time for a massage for tomorrow.  If you are sore already, tomorrow could be worse. Just saying :( 

The good thing is that Wednesday we will do different exercises and you won't be so sore...promise :) 

Did you check out the shopping list of foods that I suggested for the boot camp? 

If you have any questions, etc., please contact me.  Email, phone, iChat, etc., whatever it takes to help you see results.