Can I Make it Through Boot Camp? / by Stephen Cooper

Clients come to me in various states.  Some have done a little bit of exercise such as walking, and some haven't done anything for some time.

A new client recently asked me or shared with me her frustrations as she trained along side others in the camp.  Her main concern was if she would "catch up" and improve.  Here is my response to her...

"You are definitely burning calories.  Your body is hard at work, so your muscles are consuming calories...that's a good thing. 

Yes you will improve.  Many of those who you see in the class have been with me at least one year.   

Try not to compare yourself to the others.  I know that it's human nature to see what everyone else doing...but focus on yourself.  Let's say you can only hold plank for 20 seconds today.  Next week it will build to 30, and eventually you will be strong enough to hold for the entire 60 seconds. 

Everyone improves.  It's a fact.  I see it all the time.  Show up, eat clean, and get enough sleep and you'll see your body get leaner (losing fat), your endurance will improve, and your body will tone up. 

You've only spent 90 minutes training with me.  Imagine professional athletes who have trained their whole lives.  We see the outcomes of their training but often forget or don't see their tireless hours of committed training. 

I'm not saying that you want to become a pro athlete, but their beauty and performance doesn't come without hard work. 

Stick to it, and the results will come.  I say this because I've had a lot of clients lose 20, 30, and 40 pounds.

P.S.  Your's is a pretty common question, so don't feel that you are alone."