Lot's of Information from this Weekend's IDEA World Fitness Conference / by Stephen Cooper

Over the next few days I'll be posting what I learned from over 20 workshops, lectures, and workouts that I participated in this weekend at the huge IDEA World Conference here at the LA Convention Center.

One of the most important main areas that I wanted to gain more knowledge was about eating, and most specifically how I can help my clients lose fat through the latest research and findings on diet.

One of the biggest challenges I see for my client-athletes is information overload and frustration when it comes to what to eat for fat loss and better health.

Dr. Kara MohrLet's start with some "Diet Dilemma" tips from Dr. Kara Mohr.

Dr. Mohr spoke about "riding the urge wave".  She mentioned that our cravings for things ride up and down like a wave.  If we can get past that "peak" of the wave oftentimes the craving will pass.  She suggested substituting another activity for eating.  Some good ideas are, painting your nails, taking a bubble bath, or taking a walk.

Eventually you can build up your resistance to these cravings.  She gave a great example of a crying kid in the grocery store.  You've seen this scene of the crying kid throwing a tantrum trying to get his way.  As parents we know that giving in to the kid is most often not the best choice.  If we do, the kid continues this pattern and uses it over and over to get his way.  Dr. Mohr compared this to our cravings for bad foods.  The less often we give in to these cravings, the stronger our will becomes.

Another tip is to have a "DEP".  A designated eating place.  I love this!

Create a table and a space that is special for you.  Focus on your present mind while eating.  This means shutting off the TV, the computer, putting down the distractions and focus on your meal and your conversation with your loved ones.  Imagine how this one tip alone can transform your health!

Men and women think very differently.  Unfortunately women "have a lot of stinkin thinkin", and lot's of negative thoughts.

She also suggests the "90/10 Rule".  Meaning 90% of the time you'll want to eat clean, and 10% of the time you can splurge a little.  For some clients she suggests this is a simple way to grade yourself on your eating habits.

The 10 dimes tip. For this tip she has clients start out with 10 dimes in their right pocket.  For each negative thought the client has to transfer 1 dime to the left pocket.  Think a positive thought, and transfer a dime to the left pocket.   Then ask yourself "what time did you go bankrupt?"

So there you are...some great tips from Dr. Mohr to help you on your path. 

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