The Week Before Boot Camp Begins / by Stephen Cooper

The week before your new boot camp begins, you'll want to set yourself up for success.

Think of these things as a check list to complete.  Do not skip these steps.

1.  Put You in your schedule.  This means do what ever it takes to book your exercise time with us.  Decide who will watch your kids, and any other adjustments you'll need to make in your life.  Don't fool yourself and think that exercise just happens.  You have to commit, and keep your promises to yourself and to me.  Do not miss any classes.

2.  Clear out any junk food in your home, and in it's place shop for lean meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and healthy oils.  Stick to this list and the results will follow.  Don't stick to this list and you will remain frustrated and wondering why you aren't seeing results.  (Once again take this seriously.)

3.  Buy an exercise mat, water bottle, and large beach towel.  This is all you need to bring to boot camp.  We provide all of the equipment.  You'll also want to buy a foam roller, but you will not be brining this to will use it at home to help with sore muscles.