Francesca will be subbing for me this Friday / by Stephen Cooper

Note for Friday the 12th...

I will be attending a 3 day fitness conference here in LA so I will miss both sessions on Friday.

As you know most often Marie covers for me but on this occasion her employer would not let her off.

Francesca will be teaching both classes.  Some of you may remember Francesca as she attended quite a few sessions in the beginning of the year.  She is a well experienced trainer and has the same certification that Marie and I have.

I have gone over the program, and you are in good hands.

I'll see you back on Monday with many new ideas and the best of what I learn over the weekend.

for those interested here is a link about the conference,


P.S.  If you haven't already, please let me know if you will be returning to the next camp. Thanks :)