Friday Fit Tips / by Stephen Cooper

Happy Friday!

I thought that I'd post a few tips today.

Clients had asked me about a few things, so I thought I'd post them here to help everyone.

AC had asked me about modifying her boyfriend's eating plan and workout plan.  My suggestion for a quick "plan" is to check out Tim Ferriss' iPad app.  There is an eating plan as well as an exercise plan.  Many will say it's too simple...but simple works.

Here's the link to Tim's Four Hour Chef iPad app.

Next up, NF asked about tracking her calories with her iPhone.  My favorite app for that is put out by Daily Burn.

NF also asked about fat burning training zones and heart rate training and calculations.  Mike Michels is the expert whom I consult for heart rate questions.  He has a great program for calculating caloric needs and exercise needs.

You can check out Mike's site here.

Enjoy your weekend!