Great Question from a Writer at Weight / by Stephen Cooper

I just received this question from a writer at Weight,

"I'm currently working on an article about how to stay motivated (in this case, to stick with the program) once the initial excitement of weight loss has worn our readers can stay psyched up to continue losing weight once their motivation starts to wane."

My response...

Yep, that's a tough one...trying to stay motivated.

I think that there are a few points that keep clients motivated.


One, there has to be a strong heart felt goal deep down inside as to why the person is working out.  So many distractions hit us and it's easy to lose motivation, but if one remembers why he/she started their weight loss journey, I believe that it's easier to stick to the often challenging path.


Two, I think it's helpful to have a workout program that changes frequently.  There are many ways to do this...changing the intensity and duration of the same workout, or changing to a completely different type of exercise.  Let's say that one month the client is just lifting weights.  Next month she may try yoga.  The body is looking for a challenge...and the body composition change comes from changing up one's routine.  The body gets bored just like we do.  It isn't challenged and therefore the fat loss slows...and at the same time the client gets bored and loses motivation.  Double whammy!


Three, it's important to have an accountability partner.  Simply have someone who will keep you on track, to encourage you, to "push" you gently, and to provide some tough love.  This can be a coach/trainer, family member, or a friend.  You may want to add a little $ into the equation...meaning you'll tell your friend that for each workout you complete you'll add a dollar to a kitty...for each workout missed, you have to cough up a dollar.