Questions: Struggling with Food? / by Stephen Cooper

Client question:

"Hi Stephen, 

My goals are to lose weight and be more fit.

I think my bigger struggle is food outside of class, especially when I get stressed I tend to eat, and when I do eat the wrong things it is usually sugar. 

I have gotten better in some ways, but I still find myself eating too much of the wrong stuff. I think some of it might be knowing the better times to eat, and eating the right stuff before and after exercising. I usually eat the wrong stuff at night or right after work. 


Boot Camp Client "K" 


My response: 

When it comes to food, there is no easy answer. 

Through my experience over the many many years I've been in this business, I can tell you that the best method or "rule" I know of is to eat as close to nature as possible. 

The farther we stray to packaged stuff, with man made ingredients, the worse our health and the more weight we gain.

As far as timing of meals...this too varies.

It used to be "religion" to suggest that clients eat every 3 hours for the "thermic effect", and so forth.  Yet, I've had many clients and friends lose weight by eating just one great big meal at night. 

(Did I add to your confusion?)   

I'd suggest that you eat according to your energy output, meaning lean towards eating a little more (even fruits) on days that you've trained. If you know that it's been a pretty sedentary day, then slow down the eating...maybe have more green tea or something. 

Hope that helps

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