Looking Into The Paleo Diet / by Stephen Cooper

A client asks...

Hi Stephen, 

I hope you are well.  I was curious if you were going to do another Paleo Challenge?  After over a year of 'healthy' eating and intermittent/steady workout, I have yet to lose weight.  I've never had to 'diet' before, so I did weight watchers for the last 3 months and still no results.  In any case, looking into Paleo and thought of you.

Would love to hear your thoughts and would love the challenge. 

Thanks so much


My response...

I am doing well thanks for asking. 

No plans for a challenge right now. 

I like the Paleo style of eating as it makes sense (eating as close to natural and whole foods) plus my immunity has never been better.

Some of the Paleo sites I like are,


http://robbwolf.com/  (If you have specific questions, or would like to arrange a consultation with Amy who is my registered dietitian and also work with Robb, contact her here.) 

If you can make it for 3 weeks eating strictly Paleo, you will see excellent results, plus you'll get over the "hump". There may be cravings and headaches for a while, but they will pass, and you should lose weight and feel better. 

Other than Paleo two other options that I believe are effective are Tim Ferris' 4 Hour Body, which is sensible...and intermittent fasting such as Eat Stop Eat. 

Knowing what type of workouts you had been doing, and if you were getting sufficient sleep each night would also help me with suggestions.



Updated response...

Discipline when it comes to eating and training is one of the most important keys to the fat loss game. 

In my case I love to train hard.  I look forward to and "crave" the challenge.  Like today...I know that I'm going to train jiu jitsu at noon...and I can't wait.  It's tough and draining...but I so look forward to challenging myself.
Also with the eating...I often tell clients that I could really care less about eating.  Don't get me wrong I love and appreciate great food and the care it takes to prepare...but most of the time, I'd rather just eat quick to get some "fuel" and get on with things.
There must be something in our DNA which "pushes" some people to train as hard as possible, and have this attitude towards eating.



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